Craig Jones, Gordon Ryan Earn Fast Victories at Submission Underground 10

It was a swift night of fights for the Submission Underground 10 crowd, with the two most anticipated matchups of the evening finishing in about a minute each.

Aussie assassin Craig Jones only needed 64 seconds to topple MMA fighter and high level grappler Gilbert Burns. Jones, perhaps the most terrifying man to ever sit on the floor, sat to guard in the opening moments of the match with Burns’ lower fulcrums in his sights. Burns, prepared for what was coming, did manage to escape twice, but Jones locked in his heel hook on the third attempt and got the tap. Burns was a fairly last minute replacement for Jones’ original opponent, Dean Lister.

Also headlining the SU card was Gordon Ryan, who took out Gabriel Gonzaga in exactly one minute. Gonzaga, a UFC veteran like Burns, found himself being arm-dragged by a guard pulling Ryan but asserted a strong base. Ryan immediately capitalized on Gabriel’s base, grabbing the leg and also winning by heel hook.

Jones and Ryan were so dominant that Chael Sonnen has put a grappling hit out on them. He’s offering $25,000.00 to any pair capable of submitting the duo in a tag team match, so Garry Tonon if you’re reading call a friend and let’s see how this goes.


  1. Literally is nobody that could submit theses 2 in a tag team match. I dont even think theres any combo on Earth right now that could best them. The 25K needs to be waaay higher


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