Craig Jones Submits Ronaldo Junior In Who’s Number One Main Event

The main event of Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Ronaldo Junior was the quickest match of the evening, with Craig Jones‘ leg lock prowess getting the better of Ronaldo Junior in their first match against each other.

Jones pulled guard, nearly managing to snatch up a leg after Junior tried to knee slide past. Jones continued trying to attack Junior’s legs every time he got within range, eventually sliding into z-guard. Junior escaped and resumed trying to pass his opponent’s guard, but was soon trapped in Jones’ 50/50 and on the receiving end of an inside heel hook attempt. Though Junior did an admirable job of defending, it wasn’t long before Jones got the bite, and Junior was forced to tap with ten minutes and 45 seconds left to go in their fifteen-minute match.

Craig Jones was declared the winner by submission.

WNO Full Results:


Elder Cruz def Jacob Couch via decision

Jessa Khan def Danielle Kelly via decision

Main Card:

Andrew Wiltse def PJ Barch via decision

Geo Martinez def Junny Ocasio via decision

Nathiely de Jesus def Gabi Garcia via decision

Gordon Ryan def Roberto Jimenez via armbar

Craig Jones def Ronaldo Junior via heel hook


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