Craig Jones To Fight In KASAI Pro 2 Only Days After Quintet 1

Yesterday, we watched as Craig Jones finalized Team Polaris’ victory with a kneebar over Marcos Souza in Quintet 1. Today, we are looking forward to seeing him in action again at KASAI Pro 2 in Brooklyn, New York. Did I mention KASAI is this Saturday, April 14th?

KASAI Pro 2 Is Gearing Up To Be An Action-Packed Event


Jones is traveling to the U.S. from Tokyo, Japan, so he’ll likely have to factor jet lag into his competition preparations for this weekend. Has he bitten off more than he can chew by booking these promotions back-to-back? He only had two matches at Quintet, but will his body be recovered for KASAI?

KASAI Pro 2 will stream on FloGrappling this Saturday, April 14th. The undercard will start at 6:30pm ET and the main card at 8:00pm ET. An 8 man no gi tournament will name KASAI’s inaugural World Middleweight Champion (83.9kg). It features 6 minute bouts with two round robin brackets. It uses the IBJJF points system, no advantages are awarded, and all submissions are legal.


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