Craig Jones vs Vagner Rocha To Headline Submission Underground 14

Hot off the heels of his impressive, heel-wrecking win over Vinny Magalhaes last week, Craig Jones hopes to continue his reign in Submission Underground by defeating Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and former opponent Vagner Rocha at SUG 14. Though a few years removed, Rocha is one of the very few men to defeat Jones on the mat with an EBI overtime win back in 2017. The show, set for May 31, will also be stacked with various MMA vs BJJ figure crossover matches as is the standard in SUG.

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***SUBMISSION UNDERGROUND 14 OFFICIAL POSTER*** Craig Jones is the guy to beat…just under the Submission Underground banner, he's remained undefeated at 8-0 including his most recent win over Vinny Magalhaes last month. Enter Vagner Rocha. He's done what some consider the impossible…he's beaten Craig Jones. Might have been a dark, stormy night at EBI 11 in 2017, when he escaped by fastest time to seal the victory…but the real question is…can he do it again? Rocha believes so! It goes down on Sunday, May 31st LIVE once again by way of #SUGisland streamed on UFC Fight Pass! And that's not all…our main card brings back SUG 13 winners Austin Vanderford following his impressive overtime win against The Boogeyman, Richie Martinez…and Gabriel Checco following his submission victory over Jake Ellenberger. Checco and Vanderford are overdue to meet in the cage…having been previously scheduled before at SUG 11 prior to an injury suffered by Checco. Bellator's Brent Primus and UFC's Michael Chiesa, will meet face to face (allotting social distancing standards of course) in our cage on Sunday, May 31st but it'll be in spats, rashguards and no gloves. Primus is a black belt in jiu jitsu and has finished his last two opponents by submission victories. Chiesa is a purple belt representing the famous Sik Jitsu Fighting Systems gym in Spokane, Wa has a record with majority finishes by submission. Finally rounding out our main card brings back Oregon native black belt, 10th Planet Grants Pass head coach Andrew Alexander to face black belt Jordan Holy out of Texas, as well as the head coach and owner of The Holy Grail. Holy is the man with no fans from the DDS following a recent interview and his most recent SUG win over squad member Frank Rosenthal in overtime. He was surprised to be considered 'the fall guy' against Rosenthal and respect where it's due…he's back in action on May 31st! Full card including the remaining 6 matches to be announced soon. Subscribe today to watch all of the submission only grappling action presented by Chael Sonnen and UFC Fight Pass on May 31st at 6pm EST.

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This will mark the third SUG event to be held under COVID-19 guidelines. No audience, skeleton crew and a very stripped down announce team. But the level of production given the circumstances continues to impress.

The JJT will follow the event as it develops.


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