Cris Cyborg Demolishes Yana Kunitskaya With First Round TKO

Who is going to beat Cris Cyborg?

That has got to be the question on everyone’s mind now.

We do know, however, that it’s not going to be Yana Kunitskaya…at least not tonight.

Yana took on Cyborg tonight in the main event of UFC 222. The Russian actually looked like she had a chance of defeating the champion for a moment. Kunitskaya went for a body kick but Cyborg walloped with her with a right. Yana, however, got a takedown and had Cris on the ground. As Cyborg tried to get away, Yana took her back, but couldn’t hold on.

The Russian then pushed Cyborg against the fence, throwing some knees against the champion’s knees. Yana dropped down for a single, but Cyborg kept her balance. As she let go, Cyborg hit her again and then grounded her, throwing a few more shots.

Yana got back up, but Cyborg kept coming at her. The champion hit her with a body kick, then another punch. Kunitskaya went down, and that was all she wrote! The champion pounded away with hammer fists and ended the fight in the first.

Winner by technical knockout, and still UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion: Cris Cyborg!!!


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