Dante Leon Defeats Renato Canuto In Main Event Superfight At Kasai Pro 7

The main event superfight of the evening was a fast-paced, exciting battle between Renato Canuto and Dante Leon, and at the end of a very close match, Leon was crowned the winner via points.

After some fast-paced footwork, the first action of the match began with Leon pulling guard. Canuto dove over Leon’s head and brought the match back to the feet, but Leon pulled guard once again. A pass-vs-retention scramble led to Leon securing a kneebar on Canuto, which then transitioned into a tight heel hook. For a moment it looked like Canuto might tap, but he managed to escape in time.

Canuto then landed a takedown on Leon. Leon attempted to secure an arm-in guillotine, but ultimately had to abandon it, giving Canuto the points. As Leon resumed playing guard, he tried to move up for a sweep, but Canuto pushed pack on him, resulting in a scramble that left confusion in regards to what the score should be. The action resumed with the score being 4-3 in Leon’s favor.

With about 3:30 left in regulation, the competitors resumed their familiar battle with Leon playing guard and Canuto trying to pass. Leon got up and nearly got Canuto’s back, but the battle fell off the stage. After resetting, Leon scored another point after a takedown attempt scramble, which Canuto made up after a takedown attempt that Leon was able to defend. During the last 30 seconds, Canuto upped the ante trying to pass Leon’s guard and went for a leg lock with just moments remaining, but Leon was able to defend and won the match 5-4.


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