Dave Jacobs – One Of The First American Refs In IBJJF – Dies

Photo/Instagram: @therockbjj

Dave Jacobs, one of the first Americans to referee an IBJJF match, died today. According to Reddit commentator GumbyOTM, Jacobs may have died from a stroke:


Big loss for the BJJ community. RIP David Jacobs from bjj



“Lost a good friend and a real asset to the BJJ community. Dave Jacobs (aka the People’s Knee on some forums) was a great competitor, one of the first gringo referees in the IBJJF and just an all around tremendous guy. Everyone who ever encountered him will tell you what a tremendous guy he was, I’m sure on FB you’ll see an outpouring of grief as he was well known.
Shoot, I was actually preparing to write my next old school story about him (will definitely be my next one). I’m just heartbroken about this.
Cause is still under investigation but it appears to have been a stroke.”

Dave Jacobs was a BJJ black belt. The Jiu-Jitsu Times will keep you updated as this story develops.




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