Daycare Worker Faces 41 Years In Prison After Starting A Baby Fight Club in Virginia

There has been stories about illegal underground fighting for decades now, but what happened at a the Minnieland Academy day care center in Virginia may top them all as there is a Woman Convicted of Starting Baby Fight Club in Virginia.


A woman by the name ofSarah JordanSarah Jordan was coercing children around two years old and younger to fight each other for the enjoyment of the teacher and her assistant, Kierra Spriggs. Sarah Jordan may be facing a decade or more in prison when the legal proceedings are complete, Sarah was arrested in 2013. Even worse is that Sarah Jordan was also seen roughing up various children as well, which is just a cruel as pitting the kids against each other. Unfortunately, none of these kids have ever seen the legendary film “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, because if they did, they know that you “never talk about Fight Club.”


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