Demian Maia Grapples His Way To Split Decision Win Over Jorge Masvidal

Demian Maia

Anyone who doubts the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in an MMA fight only needs to look at Demian Maia. The man is one year short of 40, but has used his BJJ to ride a 7-fight win streak in one of the most stacked divisions in the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

Maia took on Jorge Masvidal, who was riding a win streak of his own. Masvidal may have dominated on his feet, peppering Maia with untelegraphed punches and kicks, but the overwhelming majority of the three-round fight was spent on the ground, — and there, it was all Demian Maia!

Demian beautifully shot in for single legs, and then chained in single leg and back take attempts to take his opponent down. During the first round, he hung on a standing Masvidal’s back, wrapping his leg around him in a body triangle, punching him in the head, and working for an RNC. The other two rounds told a similar story, only on the ground.

By the time the match ended, one judge favored Jorge Masvidal, but the other two rewarded the fight to Maia.

Winner by split decision: Demian Maia!!!


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