Demian Maia Shocks World With Stand-Up Game, Still Loses Via Unanimous Decision To Colby Covington

Colby Covington not only earned one of the biggest wins of his career, but proved that the good guy doesn’t always win.

Covington seemed to relish in playing the heel when he went to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to take on local hero and BJJ specialist, Demian Maia.

The two came out swinging. Demian, in a move that no one expected, decided to show off his stand-up and box with his opponent. He landed a right hand and Colby hit him with a front kick. Covington chased Maia with some punches, but Maia came in with some lefts of his own. Demian then shot in for a single, but Colby escaped.

Colby then came in swinging again as the crowd screamed Maia’s name. Demian peppered his opponent with jabs and Covington hit him with leg kick after leg kick while pawing at the left eye that Demian bloodied earlier with a huge left hand.

Both men continued to stand in the pocket, throwing punches back and forth at each other. Colby landed three hard shots as Maia’s leg reddened from the leg kicks. Demian shot in for another single in the last minute of the round, but Covington stuffed it.

Maia went right to a single then a double at the beginning of round two, but once again Colby got out. The two went back to boxing. Another double by Maia but Colby kept pressure on him and the two went back to striking.

A third double by Demian, but again Colby stuffed it and pushed away.

A fourth, but again stuffed. Maia ended up on his back and Covington stepped back. Demian started to show signs of fatigue, no doubt from all that punching in the first round, but he swung a hard one-two at his opponent. Colby landed some nice overhands and uppercuts.

A fifth takedown, but nothing. Demian tried to pull guard, but Colby moved back.

A sixth. Stuffed. Maia again tried to pull guard. Nothing.

Demian’s nose was covered with blood.

Big shots by Covington in the last minute of the round.

Round three started out with another boxing match. Covington overreached with his punches as he chased Demian around the cage. Colby clinched and landed some punches.

A left hand hurt Maia and he went for a takedown. Again, it was stuffed.

A second takedown was stuffed.

Maia was dipping his head into every strike. Covington grabbed the back of Maia’s head and hit some short jabs.

Demian hit a big knee but it didn’t do much to affect Colby.

Leg kick by Covington. He landed a couple of shots later. Maia looked hurt and went for another takedown.

Again. Nothing.

As the round drew to a close, Covington pounded Maia’s head into the ground.

Needless to say, the crowd was not happy, especially after veteran “Voice of the Octagon” Bruce Buffer announced that Colby Covington won via unanimous decision.


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