Dillon Danis Accused of Participation in Multiple Crypto Scams

Bellator fighter Dillon Danis was recently accused by YouTube crypto investigator “Coffeezilla” of promoting fake NFT projects. According to the YouTuber’s social media posts, the fighter accepted $1000 from the YouTuber to post an unvetted NFT link for what turned out to be a scam — and it’s supposedly not the first time.

Per Tim Bissell of Bloody Elbow, the link Danis was baited into tweeting actually leads to a website showcasing alleged evidence of other scams that Danis has been previously involved in. Danis does not appear to have commented on the matter at this time.

According to CoinTelegraph‘s Arijit Sarkar, Danis isn’t the first celebrity to be involved in an NFT-related scandal. In June 2021, Kim Kardashian wound up in trouble with the SEC for a similar incident, in which she allegedly failed to disclose the six-figure sum she received for touting EMAX crypto tokens.


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