Dillon Danis Says He Might Want Match With Ben Askren Next

Dillon Danis promised he was going to deliver on his MMA debut, and that is exactly what he did!

Danis opened up the Bellator 198 main card tonight with a first-round toe hold victory over Kyle Walker.

When asked whom he wanted to fight for his second match, Dillon said he didn’t really know. However, after being pressed by an MMA journalist backstage, Dillon said that he might want to fight former Bellator Welterweight Champion “Funky” Ben Askren.

Askren is still undefeated in mixed martial arts, and he recently retired from an Asian MMA promotion after holding the championship there for years.

Askren has, however, talked about returning to American mixed martial arts.

Could Dillon Danis be the one to welcome Askren back to the States? How would he fare against someone with Funky’s grappling skills?


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