DJ Jackson Set To Take On Vagner Rocha At Grappling Pro Championship 3 Main Event

DJ Jackson

DJ Jackson is one of the top black belts under Lloyd Irving. Known as the “Ram-Man,” “Kimura Kid,” and “Human Honey Badger,” DJ is famous in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for having won an IBJJF championship at every belt level leading up to black belt, a rank he earned back in 2012.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times had a moment to sit down with Jackson while he was preparing for his upcoming fight against second-degree black belt Vagner Rocha at Grappling Pro Championship 3 later this month.

Here is what he had to say:

JJT: Can you give me some thoughts on you opponent, Vagner Rocha? What do you think are his strengths and what do you think are his weaknesses?

DJJ: Vagner will be a great opponent. He is very well rounded and dangerous from a lot of positions. I don’t know if Vagner has many weaknesses, but his strengths are definitely the Kimura trap. I’m very good at dealing with that position because my teammate David Avellon uses it incredibly well. I’m looking forward to the fight and I know it will be incredible for however long it last.

JJT: What’s your favorite type of tournament? Gi or no gi? No time limit? Sub only? Why?

DDJ: I enjoy all types of tournaments because I just love to compete, but Grappling Pro and Fight 2 Win are my favorite organizations to fight in right now. No time limit is rough, but I have done some of those as well. Sub only is actually my favorite, but with anywhere from a 10-20 minute time limit. Not the EBI rules, though. I don’t like allowing people to start on my back.

JJT: Anyone you’re interested in fighting after this match? If so, why?

DJJ: Anyone around my weight fight now I’d love to fight Ben Henderson or Aj Agazam, Dillon Dannis as well nothing against any of them just I just like to compete.

JJT: Thanks bro and anytime.

Interview edited only for spelling and grammar. 

Grappling Pro Championship 3 will be going down on  June 25 at the Bucky Dent Gymnasium in Hialeah, Florida. Those who can’t make it to the event can watch all of the action live on Flograppling.

Besides the main event between DJ Jackson and Vagner Rocha, Grappling Pro Championship 3 will also feature an exciting first round card with some of the best female grapplers in the business:

Bia Mesquita vs. Fio Segnini
Bethany Eash vs. India Gomes
Lynn Vuong vs. Luiza Monteiro
Tubby Alequin vs. Talita Alencar


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