Super Fight: Keenan Cornelius Vs “The Stun Gun” Dong Hyun Kim At SPYDER Invitational BJJ Championship

Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim vs Keenan Cornelius

UFC fighter Dong Hyun Kim (35, Busan Team MAD/SeongAn Save Co.,LTD) will be showing his jiu-jitsu techniques in a special fight at the SPYDER INVITATIONAL BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP, which will take place on October 21st, 2017.

This special fight is the -94 heavyweight no-gi grappling match. It will follow IBJJF black belt rules. Competing against Dong Hyun Kim will be jiu-jitsu black-belt grappler, Keenan Cornelius (25, USA), a man whose outstanding records make introductions unnecessary. 

Keenan has won numerous IBJJF titles. He is a multiple-time (and multiple rank) World Champion, 2014 Pro League Champion, and ADCC bronze medalist, just to name a few of the awards he can boast. 

Dong Hyun Kim however is a grappler, currently fighting in the UFC’s welterweight division. Recently, his Korean fans started calling him “Maemi”(which means “Cicada” in Korean) for his tendency to take his opponents down and grapple while never letting them escape. In an interview, Kim said that “I always keep the learning mind when training jiu-jitsu. Regardless of the outcome of the match, I will give my all to enjoy this new opportunity and the challenge.”

The organizer of SPYDER said, “One of the ultimate goals of the championship is to expand the SPYDER INVITATIONAL BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP to a global event. In order to do so, SPYDER is inviting great foreign jiu-jitsu fighters along with the global fighter, Dong Hyun Kim to the event this October.”

The SPYDER BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP is the first invitational championship in Korea with prize money and was first introduced in 2016. The final match of the 2017 championship will take place on October 21st at K-Art Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. SPYDER already hosted Purple War this January and the qualifying round in April of this year, and is waiting for the final round in October.

SPYDER Invitational Bjj Championship


[-94kg Special Fight]

DongHyun Kim (Busan Team MAD/SeongAn Save Co.,LTD) VS Keenan Cornelius (USA/Atos Jiujitsu)

[-76kg Semi-Final]

Insung Jang (Wire Jiujitsu/Team Spyder) VS Rafael Domingos (Brazil/Demian Maia Jiujitsu)

[-76kg Semi-Final]

KyungSub Lee (Tri-Force) VS Shane Hill-Taylor (USA/Team Lloyd Irvin)

[+76kg Semi-Final]

YeonJong Yoo (Willow Jiujitsu) VS Matheus Godoy (Brazil/Team Alliance)

[+76kg Semi-Final]

Keli Manglona (USA/Paraestra Gunsan) VS DongHwa Choi (Jiujitsu Lab)


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