Dustin Poirier Comes Out Triumphant In Bloody War Against Anthony Pettis

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier has added another “W” to his record, defeating former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis in the third round of one of the bloodiest wars in UFC history.

Pettis started out with a side kick and took the perimeter of the cage. Leg kick by Anthony.  Leg kick by Dustin. Pettis threw a short flying knee, but Poirier kept going and scored a nice double leg and held him down against the cage. Anthony tried to work a guillotine, but Dustin saw it. He didn’t, however, see the kimura, but Anthony let it go. Dustin got into Pettis’ guard and threw some bombs down, but Anthony swept and the two worked their way back up to their feet. Nice exchange by both men and Pettis just missed with a huge right.

Poirier went in for another shot but couldn’t take Showtime down. Dustin went high and wobbled Anthony, marking up his eye, but Pettis kept going. Another nice combo by Dustin and he chased Pettis with huge punches, but Anthony landed some shots of his own, ending the round with a huge exchange…and a pat on the butt.

Anthony started out with a 1-2, chasing Poirier around the perimeter. Dustin went in for a double and after a brief struggle, picked Pettis up and dropped his opponent, landing in Anthony’s guard. Pettis went for a triangle and almost got it at one point, but Dustin got out. Poirier landed some huge elbows, opening up Anthony’s face and causing blood to pour into Showtime’s eyes.

Dustin then took the back. Anthony, however, mustered the strength to ignore the blood in his eyes and turned into Poirier’s guard and landed some huge elbows of his own, opening Dustin up.

Both men were heavily bloodied and slipping and sliding all over each other.

Poirier tried to take the back but slid off. Both men stood and Anthony took the back, but Dustin dropped him on the canvas. A scramble ensued. The referee, however, stopped the fight to check on the fighters.  Needless to say, the crowd did not appreciate the interruption in the action. Poirier’s shorts, white at the beginning of the fight, were now pink.

The referee restarted the fight with Pettis on his back and Poirier in Anthony’s guard. Anthony tried to get a triangle but Dustin kept on slipping out. Dustin got on his back and pounded away until the buzzer.

Round 3! High kick by Showtime and Poirier went in for a double leg but Anthony went down and tried to get a kimura. Pettis got up but Dustin stayed on his back. Pettis tried to spin out but Poirier stayed on his opponent’s back and worked for a rear naked choke. Pettis spun out and tapped, though.

Viewers, both at home and in Norfolk were confused as to why Pettis tapped, as Dustin didn’t have a submission locked in. It appeared as though he hurt his ribs.

But whatever it was, Dustin Poirier is walking out of Norfolk as the winner of UFC Fight Night 120’s main event!


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