Eddie Bravo: Chester Bennington And Chris Cornell May Have Been Murdered For Trying To Stop Pedophiles

Photo By: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Eddie Bravo brought up an interesting theory on the recent deaths of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.

Then 10th Planet owner was on the SteeBee WeeBee show yesterday, and he was immediately asked by the host what he thought of Bennington’s death.

Earlier this year, Chris Cornell also passed away. Both his death and Bennington’s were ruled as suicide.

Bravo, however, questioned the mainstream media’s conclusion on the two rock stars’ deaths. Citing an article, and admitting that it could be total “bullsh*t”, Eddie speculated that both Cornell and Bennington could have been murdered because they were working for an organization that stops pedophiles:

You know, anytime a celebrity dies, you never really know what the truth was, what really happened. All I know, what did they say? He hung himself? Something like that. I don’t know. I don’t know. I looked into it a little bit, and if what I found…I mean, what I’m about to say could totally be complete bullsh*t, but you just don’t know. You get so many lies from the media, you just don’t know what to believe; so you got to question everything. So, there’s a report out there, it could be fake, that Chris Cornell and Chester were tight over the last couple years, and they were both working…now this could be bullsh*t…but they were both working for some association that went after pedophiles in Hollywood…so, I don’t know. That could be bullsh*t, but if it’s true. I’ll say this now. If Chris Cornell and Chester were actually working for some foundation that stopped pedophilia, a 1000 percent they were murdered. 

Of course, you’re not going to have a major jiu-jitsu pioneer like Eddie Bravo on your show and only talk about conspiracy theories. Bravo also told Steebee Weebee about the way UFC 2 inspired him to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and how he would travel all the way from Hollywood to train with the legendary Jean-Jacques Machado.

Check out Eddie Bravo’s full interview below:


  1. Why would two men who loved their families and friends kill themselves? I believe they were murdered. It doesn’t make sense. And when they truth comes out someone will have to pay the piper.

  2. I swear, even before Chester was found dead, I really wondered if Chris had been murdered. Even if the pedophile stopping group could be bull as he says, something doesn’t seem right.

  3. I firmly believe that both of these guys were taken out because of what they knew. Neither one of them was suicidal. They loved their children too much to leave them, especially by suicide. I am praying that God will reveal the truth and show us the animals that murdered Chris and Chester.

  4. This is really irresponsible journalism. You are writing an article based on a wacked out assumption by a half baked conspiracy theorist. Shame on you!


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