Eddie Bravo: MMA Is ‘Still In Jesus Times’ With Gay Men

Count Eddie Bravo in as an ally of homosexual men.

The 10th Planet Founder was on The Joe Rogan Experience tonight, and besides their usual talk of conspiracy theories, Rogan and Bravo discussed the recent UFC 214 card. One of the fights on that card was the Women’s Featherweight Championship bout between Cris “Cyborg” and Tonya Evinger.

Evinger, as many people know, is openly homosexual, just like reigning Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes. Evinger and Nunes are not the only ones, either. Liz Carmouche, who took part in the first ever UFC women’s bout, is openly and proudly homosexual, and she frequently wears a rainbow colored mouthpiece to display her pride.

Raquel Pennington and Tecia Torres are also openly homosexual and engaged to each other.

Both Rogan and Bravo lauded MMA’s open-mindedness with homosexual women, but Bravo had one complaint — the lack of openly gay men in MMA:

“One of the coolest things about MMA is how open mindedness [sic] with lesbians, right? Bravo said. “It’s like no big deal at all with girls…but with guys, no! We’re still in Jesus times.”

“We’re way behind,” he continued. “There should be at least fifty open [gay men], you know what I mean? You know what? I love gay people… I have no problem with people being gay. I think they should come out. I lived in West Hollywood for almost twenty years. I was surrounded by gay people. If you’re a guy, we’re still in Jesus times.”

Does Bravo have a point? Should more men come out of the closet in order to represent the homosexual male community?

Sound off below or in the Facebook thread for this post. Also, check out Eddie’s full talk on The Joe Rogan Experience below. The two start talking about homosexuality in MMA at 1:45:10:


  1. I am not surprised that there is a large number of gay women in MMA and a much smaller number of gay men. Lesbians tend to be more manlike in their taste in clothes and sports, so no shocker that there would be large number of them in MMA. Gay men tend not to like manly stuff and gravitate towards women stuff. I realize I am generalizing, but that is the trend, like it or not.

  2. I’ll sound off about the use of the term “homosexual.” Just say “gay.”
    Also, I’ve never felt there being a particularly welcoming spirit in MMA for gay men. I’m a straight woman, but I hear a lot of gay jokes at a lot of places I’ve trained. That’s not to say my anecdotal evidence makes this true everywhere. I’d love to see an out gay man reach prominence in MMA!


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