ACB JJ 11 Full Results: Davi Ramos Tops Edwin Najmi To Become New Welterweight Champion

The much anticipated rematch between Davi Ramos and defending ACB JJ Welterweight Champion Edwin Najmi went down this evening at ACB JJ 11, and the score is now 1-1.

Edwin took their first win at ACB JJ 7, but after a hard fought battle Davi Ramos is the new ACB JJ Welterweight Champion.

Edwin seemed calm throughout the first minute of the fight, standing upright as the two battled for grips. Najmi frequently use his knees to break Davi’s grips.

Ramos then pulled guard, but he didn’t stay down for long. Ramos pulled guard again, going for a sweep, but again the fight went back to standing quickly.

For a third time, Davi took the fight to the ground and caught one of Edwin’s legs. Ramos held on to the lapel and put Najmi on his back, earning himself two points.

The two went back up and again Edwin used his knees to break Ramos’ grips before the first round came to an end.

Davi started out the second round with a collar drag takedown, but Edwin stayed on his feet. Ramos pulled guard and looked like he wanted to play some deep half. He almost got a sweep, but couldn’t finish it.

The fight went back to standing. Edwin looked a little more aggressive in this round, but still remained calm. Najmi pulled guard and Ramos landed in his half guard. Najmi worked to tie up Ramos’ leg in his gi. Edwin was going for something, perhaps a sweep, but Davi used his strong base to prevent anything that could have scored his opponent any points.

Ramos shot in for a single in the third, but the ever elusive Edwin stayed up on his feet.

The two went back up and Davi and pulled guard into an arm bar — and it was deep! Somehow, Najmi mustered the strength to pull his arm out, though. Apparently, that was a wake up call for Edwin to start playing a little offense, and he took the back. The two went off the stage, though, and they started standing again.

Najmi was impressed with Davi’s performance, and he smiled at his opponent before slapping hands with him. Najmi got a late two points for taking the back earlier.

Edwin looked like he was going for a collar drag, but he couldn’t get a sweep.

Davi pulled guard then went for a single leg, but again Najmi stayed up. For some reason, he then was stripped of the two points he won late.

Ramos went for a single in Round 4, but again Edwin proved how good his balance is.

Davi went for a single again, but this time Najmi pulled guard and sank in a triangle. Najmi couldn’t keep his legs tight, though, and Ramos pulled his head out with seeming ease.

Edwin pulled guard again. This time he went to full guard, then he put his foot up on Davi’s shoulder. Najmi then looked like he wanted to play some lasso guard before the round came to an end.

Despite the fact that the match was close, both fighters stayed patient in the fifth and final round. It wasn’t until there was a minute and a half left that Davi went for a single, which — much like in every other round — he wasn’t able to finish against Najmi.

With under a minute left, Edwin pulled guard. Ramos escaped, but Edwin went for some type of front choke before the match ended.

The match looked close, but the judges awarded the victory to Davi Ramos via unanimous decision.

Do Edwin Najmi and Davi Ramos need a tie breaker match? I think they do.


Davi Ramos defeats Edwin Najmi via decision

Isaque Bahiense defeats Otavio Sousa via points

Claudio Calasans defeats Yan Cabral via points

Michael Langhi defeats Marcio Andre via referee decision

Bruno Frazatto defeats Gabriel Marangoni via referee decision

Lucas Rocha defeats Alex Cabanes via referee decision

Rudson Mateus submits Mathias Ribeiro via armbar

Victor Honorio defeats Erberth Santos via split decision

Luan Carvalho submits Daud Adaev via toe hold

AJ Sousa defeats Arnaldo Maidana via points

Moku Kahawai defeats Vinny Magalhaes via referee decision⠀⠀

Isaac Doederlein defeats Kim Terra via referee decision ⠀⠀

Samir Chantre defeats Laercio Fernandes via points⠀

Tomoyuki Hashimoto defeats Mayko Araujo via points

Marcelo Mafra defeats Rodrigo Caporal via points


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