Enson Inoue Claims The IBJJF Won’t Recognize His Black Belt

Japanese-American martial arts legend Enson Inoue has been a BJJ black belt for over 20 years now, but he’s claimed that the IBJJF has decided not to officially acknowledge his rank.

In an post on social media, Inoue described the situation:

“I got my black belt from John Lewis in 1999 and I was never concerned about putting on my degrees but it was brought to my attention that I need to be certified by the IBJJF in order to be able to have my school, Purebred registered as an official team.

So I contacted the Japanese IBJJF and after waiting for over a year they told me that the main office will not acknowledge it. I got my black belt in 1999 so I am suppose to be a 5th degree. I don’t understand why they won’t acknowledge it. It’s just a bummer that I can’t register Purebred as an official gym of the IBJJF.

Thank you Nakai Yuki and Naoya Uematsu for trying to help me. What’s up IBJJF?
With that said, I’m not worried. I never actually cared about putting on stripes or framing a certificate. I have an awesome affiliate in @bjj_united that Purebred can compete under. Just unfortunate the Purebred banner can’t be flown respectfully . Sorry @purebredbjjguam@purebredfukuoka @purebredfightfitness @fisticuffs_lg I tried.

Inoue is best known for his MMA career, which saw him compete mainly for Shooto and Pride, though he also took home an armbar win in his first and only UFC fight back in 1997. He’s also an ADCC veteran and competed in the first-ever ADCC superfight against Mario Sperry.

In a follow-up post, Inoue expressed his disappointment in the IBJJF’s decision primarily due to the fact that his students wouldn’t be able to compete under his academy, Purebred. Thankfully, though, Purebred is affiliated with BJJ United, and Inoue’s students will be able to compete in IBJJF tournaments under that banner instead.

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I’ve had so many people reach out to me that want to help me with my situation with the IBJJF and I appreciate it so much. Although Purebred can’t just yet be registered as in official bjj gym we still have our beloved @bjj_united #tacteambjj to compete under. Thank you my brother Jared for the Aloha! I would really like to say is Fuck the IBJJF but I won’t. I’ve never enterさ a bjj tournament before so I understand their stance. I also understand that I’m also not welcome to compete in any IBJJF events. Not losing sleep over this. All I’ll say is I don’t need any association to acknowledge me when my mentor @actorjohnlewis gives me his blessing and with the hundreds of people messaging me their support. Live is good. Much bigger things in life to be concerned about. Also thank you @ynakai1970 and @nexusense708 for all your help too! ome_photo IBJJFの状況を手伝ってくれる人がたくさんいて、とても感謝しています。ピュアブレードはまだ公式bjjジムのように登録することはできませんが私たちはまだ私たちの最愛の@ bjj_united#tacteambjjの下で競争する必要があります。 私は本当に言いたいのはIBJJFをファックすることですが、私はしません。私はこれまでbjjトーナメントに参加したことがないので、彼らのスタンスを理解しています。 また、IBJJFのイベントに参加することも歓迎されないことも理解しています。これで眠りを失うことはありません。 私が言うのは、私のメンターであるジョーンリュイズが私に彼の祝福を与え、何百人もの人々が私に彼らのサポートを伝えたとき、私を認める協会は必要ないということだけです。人生は良いです。 心配すべき人生のはるかに大きなこと。最後に中井祐樹と上松直哉ありがとうございました。

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This news comes not long after the IBJJF prohibited members of BJJ Globetrotters from competing in IBJJF tournaments under the “jiu-jitsu nomad” organization’s umbrella.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times has reached out to the IBJJF and will provide an update if we receive a response.


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