Erberth Santos Announced As Mikey Musumeci’s $10,000 Opponent Challenge

Days ago, Caio Terra announced a big challenge with a lot of cash on the line. The esteemed coach and athlete put up $10,000 of his own money to any high-level black belt of any weight who could beat his teammate and student, Mikey Musumeci, provided that the opponent was also willing to put up $10,000 of their own money as well. Suggestions poured in from comments everywhere, and now, we finally have an answer as to who will face Musumeci in an upcoming match.

Now, Musumeci has revealed that he will be facing none other than Erberth Santos for the challenge. Musumeci first announced the news on FloGrappling’s Who’s #1 podcast, then later confirmed the matchup on social media.

The matchup is an interesting one for multiple reasons. Musumeci is one of the sport’s more beloved athletes, fitting the bill for the type of athlete who stays quiet off the mats and lets his jiu-jitsu do the talking. Santos, on the other hand, is one of BJJ’s most controversial competitors, and after a particularly rough year in 2019, fans will be waiting to see if he’ll go through with the match and give a worthwhile effort until the bout is over. Santos has promised fans that they’ll be seeing an improved version of him this year, and with $20,000 on the line, there’s a lot riding on that promise.

The size difference between the competitors also makes this a can’t-miss matchup. Musumeci has competed as low as 57kg and as high as 70kg, but Santos most regularly spends his time on the competition mats at 90kg or above. The contrast is stark, but it’s also what Terra (and presumably Musumeci as well) were hoping for: the chance to prove that Musumeci can truly beat anyone, regardless of size.

Details about when and where the match will take place are currently sparse, but we know that it will take place somewhere in southern California, likely at a small event. The exact location is undecided.

Will Musumeci be able to pull off a “David vs. Goliath” moment here, or will Santos go home with all $20,000? We’ll keep you posted on this event as it unfolds.


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