Erin Herle Talks Depression, Spider Traps, And BJJ For Self-Defense

Last night, BJJ brown belt Erin Herle and I got up close — literally — and personal about some intense topics.

Erin talked about her father’s suicide two years ago, her own struggles with mental illness, and how they both inspired her non-profit, Submit the Stigma, an awareness campaign promoting “education, discussion, and support for mental health.”

However, most of our talk was fairly upbeat. Erin took the time to promote her latest instructional series on spider traps. We also talked about competition, and why she would probably buy a gun if she were interested in self-defense.

  • Here is a rough breakdown of the video:
  • 0:01 – Submit The Stigma/mental illness
  • 17:58 – Spider Trap Video
  • 24:40 – Competition / Women’s BJJ
  • 40:00 – BJJ for self-defense
  • You can learn more about Submit the Stigma here and check out her spider trap series here.

You can also watch our video interview with her below:

 EDITOR’S NOTE: No clue why I used the phrase “metaphorically and literally.” Obviously, what I meant was “figuratively and literally.”



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