Ethan Crelinsten Undergoes Surgery: “I’ve Had No ACL For 3 Years”

John Danaher black belt and core B-Team member Ethan Crelinsten has undergone a successful surgery to replace his ACL.

Crelinsten shared the news on social media yesterday, revealing that he’s “had no ACL for three years now.”

In a follow-up story posted to Instagram, Crelinsten shared that the surgery to replace his ACL also included meniscus repair.

Despite the issues that have plagued him pre-surgery, Crelinsten has been active in the competition scene over the past few years, showing his submission skills at F2W, WNO, and Submission Underground, to name a new. While it may be some months before he’s recovered enough to get back on the mats and compete, hopefully his surgery will help him improve his game and help him train (relatively) pain-free.


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