F2W 151 Full Results: Kennedy Maciel Becomes New Lightweight Gi Champion

Photo: F2W/Kyu Lee

Fight 2 Win 151 packed in the action and excitement we’ve come to expect from the promotion, and the co-main and main event saw two new champions crowned.

The co-main event of the evening saw Rafael Lovato Jr. face off against Aaron “Tex” Johnson.

Johnson immediately pulled guard and tried to isolate a leg for a footlock, and Lovato managed to stay on top. Still, Johnson refused to let go of the leg, and Lovato pressured forward, both competitors trying to maintain their position without tiring. With under two minutes left, the referee tried to reset the competitors, but F2W CEO Seth Daniels spoke up and asserted that they should remain in the position and encouraged Lovato and Johnson to pick up the pace. However, the athletes remained in a stalemate until the end of the match, and the judges awarded Johnson the unanimous decision, making him the new black belt master light heavyweight gi champion.

The night finished off with a black belt lightweight gi title match between Kennedy Maciel and Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho. Maciel started the action by pulling guard, and the competitors entered a leg entanglement and fought for grips. Queixinho seemed like he might come up, but Maciel reversed the position and came on top. The athletes returned to the feet, and Queixinho sunk in a collar grip while Maciel trapped one of his opponent’s legs between his own. Maciel then slammed Queixinho down to the mat and worked to pass his guard. His efforts ultimately forced Queixinho to let go of his lasso and the athletes briefly returned to their feet before Maciel again pulled guard.

Maciel maintained a hold on Queixinho’s pants as the competitors again returned to the feet and then went back down to the mats, and Maciel tried to secure an ankle lock, with Queixinho holding onto a lapel. Queixinho tried to roll out of the hold, and Maciel went belly-down in the last few seconds of the match to try to finish with a submission, but was unable to get the tap. Still, the judges awarded Maciel the unanimous decision victory, and he became the new black belt lightweight gi champion.

– Fighters– Submissions
Black Belts
Kennedy Leonardo Maciel defeats Osvaldo MoiznhoDecision – New Light Weight Gi Champ
Tex Johnson defeats Rafael Lovato JrDecision – New Light Heavy Weight Masters Champion
Gabriel Arges defeats Marcio AndreDecision
Joao Pedro Somalia defeats Mohammed MagharefDecision (FOTN)
Lucas Lima Submits David ParkerAnkle Lock(SOTN)
Sebastian Black Submits Jason ButcherHeel Hook
Lucas Lima defeats Vinny Saenz Decision
Brown Belts
Emil Fischer Submits Kevin Mccormick heel hookHeel Hook – Still Masters Light Heavy Weight NOGI Title
Brad Schneider defeats Felipe TimoteoDecision – New F2W Heavy Weight Champ
Carlos Neto defeats Eric CeballosDecision
Edward Johnson Submits Anthony CronceAnaconda Choke (SOTN)
Nathan Inman defeats Aaron CulpepperSplit Decision
Cameron Adair defeats Allen BrooksHeel Hook
Troy Edmond Russell defeats Anthony RobinsonSplit Decision (FOTN)
Purple Belts
Troy D Mercer defeats Gabriel CostaNew Light Heavy Weight NOGI Champ (FOTN)
Fraan Papasidero Submits David RigsbeeChoke
Jorden Reign Saenz defeats John SanchezSplit Decision
Blair Severson defeats Vannak ChimSplit Decision
Ramiro Leon defeats Austyn McNeilArmbar (SOTN)
Teara Lewis defeats Hannah SternblitzDecision
Greg Raffield Submits Levi KurtovichHeel Hook
Zach Wolivar defeats Dylan KastelicDecision
Dominic Ramos defeats Colton PhoenixDecision
Mark Lorello Jr. defeats Kenneth Kindred IVDecision
Blue Belts
Blake Bradshaw Submits Joshua NealyHeel Hook
Jaedon Nobles Submits Jose RuizBase Ball Bat Choke
Alex Leon Submits Robert GalanArmbar
Nik Gates defeats Danny BichelerSplit Decision FOTN
Michael Metry Submits Evan WessmanArmbar
Skylar Idell Submits Elizabeth SandovalArmbar (SOTN)
Artwaun Steele defeats Mickey McdougalDecision
Matt Mendez defeats Kilian Carlsen-PhelanDecision
Jett Thompson defeats Jordan RiddleDecision (FOTN)


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