F2W 152 Results: Edwin Najmi Becomes New Welterweight Gi Champion

Photo: Fight2Win/Kyu Lee

Fight 2 Win 152 turned into a night of close matches which culminated into a closely contested battle between welterweight gi champion Michael Liera Jr. and challenger Edwin Najmi.

One of the most anticipated matches of the evening took place between Gabriel Almeida and Romulo Barral.

Almeida immediately pulled guard, maintaining grips while Barral kept up relentless pressure as he worked to pass. After nearly tumbling out of bounds, the match returned to the feet for a few minutes before Almeida pulled guard again and quickly used a sweep to come on top. Almeida then worked to flatten out his opponent, working his way into side control and then transitioning to full mount. Still, Barral was able to come on top and force Almeida to close up his guard. With seconds remaining, Almeida worked his way into a kneebar attempt, but was unable to finish before the end of the match. The judges awarded Almeida the unanimous decision victory.

In the co-main event, Johnatha Alves took on Johnny Tama. Tama wasted no time in pulling guard, and Alves put on continuous forward pressure and forced Tama to hold on to half-guard. Alves worked his way free, but Tama was able to recover the half-guard. Eventually, though, Alves was able to get past Tama’s guard and flatten him out. Tama managed to escape the position with a creative lapel grip, avoiding a brief armbar attempt from Alves in the process. The competitors were reset in a neutral standing position, and Tama soon pulled guard and received a slam from his opponent. Tama attempted a last-second sweep attempt, but neither competitor was able to finish the other before time ran out. Alves was awarded the victory via unanimous decision.

The main event saw Edwin Najmi take on Michael Liera Jr.

Liera started the action by pulling guard, soon managing to come on top and working to pass Najmi’s guard. A scramble with creative techniques from both athletes led to Najmi ending up on top trying to pass Liera’s guard before inverting and implementing his spider guard. After being held there for a minute, Liera managed to get past Najmi’s guard, but Najmi was able to escape and get to his feet, with Liera still keeping a hold on his opponent’s pant leg. Liera then pulled guard and managed to sweep Najmi, who wrapped up a leg and pushed the competitors into 50/50. After a brief straight ankle lock from both athletes, Liera got back up to his feet before falling back and going back into the mutual foot lock position. Both competitors went belly-down and strained to get the tap, though neither was able to finish it before time ran out.

The judges awarded Najmi the split decision, and he became the new welterweight gi title.

FULL Results:

– FightersSubmission/Decision
– Black Belts
Edwin Najmi defeats Michael Liera JrSplit Decision (New F2W Welterweight Gi Champion)
Rafael Formiga Barbosa defeats Alex MartinsDecision (New masters Welterweight Champion)
Gabriel Almeida defeats Romulo BarralDecision
Johnatha Alves defeats Johnny TamaDecision
Alejandro Siqueira Submits Chris HutchisonToe Hold
Rodrigo Lopes def Kauan BarbozaDecision (FOTN)
Isiah Wright Submits David GarciaHeel Hook (SOTN)
Nathan Mendelsohn defeats Rafael LangDecision
– Brown Belts
Kemoy Anderson Submits David AltgeltKimura
Mark FranceSubmits Caleb JohnsonPaper Cutter
Joan M Cabas Submits Jason GavendaChoke (FOTN)
Wally Thompson Submits Nader TannirKnee Bar (SOTN)
Tainan Dalpra Submits Kyle BanksChoke
– Purple Belt
Robert Robinson Submits Gilbert MooreTriangle
Alex Asad Submits Sammy KorcHeel Hook
Fraan Papasidero defeats Kevin SmithDecision
Thalys Pontes defeats Thomy TanoDecision (FOTN)
Sam Micale Submits Marquise JeffersonArmbar (SOTN)
Jessie Crane Submits Abbigayle TettertonBow n Arrow Choke
Nicolas Ponce defeats Diego VasquezDecision
Dillon Hinojosa defeats Luca RamaciDecision
– Blue Belts
Nick Carlucci defeats Chase MainDecision
Jollene Sunga defeats Jordan Sierra SmithDecision
Denzel Freeman defeats Garrett BennettDecision
John Tao defeats Jonathan ThomasDecision (FOTN)
Riley Golden Submits Colton LewisTriangle
Matt Anater Submits Truitt Cole OdomHeel Hook (SOTN)
– Teens and Kids
Helena Crevar Submits Hope RusselArmbar (Still Feather Weight NOGI Title) SOTN
Mackenzie Biasi defeats Hallie DanielDecision
Noe Rascon Submits Xavier RodelaRNC SOTN
Sean Rubchinuk defeats Nathanial GordonSplit Decision
Taylor Ellis defeats Bryanna OrangeDecision
Chris Ditto defeats Nathan SulenticDecision
Kevin Ditto defeats Elijah SulenticDecision
Sun-Yoon Karas defeats Landrie JosephDecision
Amara Sofia Rodriguez defeats Cailin FultzDecision
Colby Hernandez defeats Tommy NicholsSplit Decision (FOTN)
– Judo
Garrett Andrews defeats Vernon Kirk2 ippons


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