F2W 160 Results: William Tackett Defeats John Combs, Jonnatas Gracie Gets Win Over Hugo Marques

Fight 2 Win kicked off 2021 with a banger of an event at F2W 160, capping the night off first with a co-main event featuring Jonnatas Gracie vs. Hugo Marques and then a main event with William Tackett vs. John Combs, the latter of whom replaced Vagner Rocha.

Co-Main Event

Jonnatas Gracie vs. Hugo Marques

Marques started the action by pulling guard, Gracie applying heavy top pressure as Marques tried to sweep him. As Marques scooped up a single-leg, Gracie opted to pull guard, eventually managing to come back up as Marques worked for single-leg X. After heading out of bounds, the competitors were reset, and Gracie again pulled guard. Gracie then went for an ankle lock following a brief scramble, and Marques kept a grip on the pants and Gracie’s leg wrapped up in his other arm.

Gracie then adjusted and went belly-down for the straight ankle lock while Marques tried to counter with the same. Eventually, though, Gracie gave up on the submission, though the competitors returned to the 50/50, staying there without much action until the final few seconds of the match when Gracie stood up and went for a toe hold. He didn’t finish the submission, but his efforts during the match were enough to earn him the split-decision victory.

Main Event

John Combs vs. William Tackett

Tackett pulled guard, then reversed the position. Combs countered with a guillotine attempt, then a scramble led to Tackett trying a guillotine of his own. After going out of bounds, the competitors were reset, and Tackett returned to playing guard, digging for Combs’ leg. Combs, however, defended very well and started trying for a straight ankle lock, even as Tackett began working on a calf slicer. The athletes disentangled themselves, and Combs returned to trying to pass Tackett’s guard, avoiding a heel hook in the process.

Combs stayed low in his passing attempts, and Tackett was relentless with his leg locks. Combs was ready for him, though, and he again managed to clear his knee line to stay safe. As the clock wound down, Combs and Tackett tumbled across the stage, with Tackett ending up in the top position. Both competitors went for straight ankle locks in the final seconds of the match, but neither was able to finish.

Tackett was awarded the split decision victory by the judges.


Black Belt Results

William Tackett def John Combs split Dec

Jonnatas Gracie def Hugo Marques Dec

Pedro Marinho def Gabriel Almeida Dec

Gesias Cavalcante def Justin Renick dec FOTN

Junny E Ocasio def Adam Ferrrara Heel Hook SOTN

Alexandre Pimentel def Guilherme Neves Pulgaplata

Sean Joseph def Glauco Simim Lima Split Dec

Joaquin Torres def Kalil Nascimento Dec

Jason Valle def Forrest Moyano Heel Hook

Felipe Amarante def Gabriel Sacramento Injury

Alexandre Fernandes Dantas def Jeremy Diaz Dec

Yuri Villefort def Eric Alequin Dec

Kenny Berman def Alex Jutis Dec

Shawn Ambrosino def Justin Brunet dec

Daniel Fundora def Jim Alers Injury

Brown Belt

Thalys Pontes def Kevin Granados Triangle SOTN

Thiago Alves def Joshua Da Silveria Decision

Colon Santana def Ben Trawinski Knee Bar

Daniel Cabrera-Martinez def Alberto Santos Knee Bar FOTN

Purple Belt

Sebastian Serpa def Bernardo Delibero Split Dec FOTN

Ryan Conforti def Mohammad Shuman Guillotine

Abbi Tetterton def Christina Zynco decision

Anthony Molina def Chris Daniel Heel Hook SOTN

Edgar Vela def Josue Gonzales dec

Andres Castano def Mike Johnson split dec

Gabriel Barrocas def Phillip Jackson Dec

Daniel Wyatt def Julio Diaz dec

Felipe Porto Schiavon def Carlos Insignares dec

Marcelo Perea def Jonathan Yap Dec

Blue Belts and Teens

Kai Amarante def Dillon Americo Smith dec

Zachary Arias def Mauro Rousseau Ruiz Triangle Armbar SOTN

Juan Carlos Fleites def Alex Noa Dec

Lucas Codam Fontoura Silva def James E Smith Jr Dec

Marcus Vinicius Valeri def Calvin Carlson dec

Steven Mazariegos def Val Gonzalez Triangle

Albert Robleto def Daniel Goldsmith dec

Priam Shaffer def Frankie Ciprianni armbar FOTN

Garrett Fosdyck def Bryan Maldonado Split Dec

Thomas Russell Church def Gilberto Angelo Ayala Dec


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