F2W 165 Results: Elisabeth Clay Claims Welterweight Title In Black Belt Gi Debut

Photo Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Elisabeth Clay‘s competitive black belt gi debut went her way tonight at F2W 165 when she dethroned reigning F2W welterweight gi champion Maria Malyjasiak, who claimed the title when she defeated Nathiely de Jesus with a kneebar at F2W 154.

Prior to the main event, Luiza Monteiro took on Jessica Flowers in a tough co-main event that showed why both competitors are some of the best grapplers in the world.

Co-Main Event

Luiza Monteiro vs. Jessica Flowers

Monteiro pulled guard and immediately transitioned from a lasso to an omoplata. Flowers defended and used a toehold to get her opponent to release her hold, forcing Monteiro to return to playing open and lasso guard. Monteiro again went for an omoplata, and Flowers initially tried to defend with another toehold. Then, though, Flowers was forced to roll over her shoulder, giving up the sweep to Monteiro and ending up in bottom side control before briefly putting her opponent in half-guard. After Monteiro returned to top side control, Flowers succeeded in rolling over to reverse the position, forcing Monteiro to go back to playing guard.

Monteiro initially worked spider-lasso guard before sweeping Flowers and working to secure one of her legs. Flowers locked on 50/50 and kept a grip on Monteiro’s pant leg, coming up to her feet while Monteiro then secured a 50/50 grip with her legs. Monteiro tipped Flowers back to a seated position and capitalized when Flowers moved her own leg to the outside of Monteiro. Monteiro seized the opportunity and Flowers’ foot, locking on a toehold and quickly getting the tap with just over a minute left in the match.

Luiza Monteiro was declared the winner by submission.

Main Event

Maria Malyjasiak vs. Elisabeth Clay

Clay kicked things off by pulling guard and inverting, and Malyjasiak grabbed a leg and sat back for a kneebar, but Clay came up to her feet and stayed out of danger. Malyjasiak locked up 50/50, tipping Clay over to a seated position and defending against Clay’s footlock attempts with a spider guard hold. Malyjasiak then came on top, and Clay worked her way underneath her opponent with an inversion and went for a toehold, then transitioned to a kneebar. From there, it was only moments before Malyjasiak tapped out with about seven minutes and sixteen seconds left in the match.

Elisabeth Clay was declared the winner by submission and claimed the F2W welterweight gi title.

Full Results:

Black Belt

Elisabeth Clay def Maria Malyjasiak via toe hold, becomes welterweight champion (SOTN)

Luiza Montiero def Jessica Flowers via ankle lock

Sheliah Lindsey def Suellen Lima via dec

Tracey Goodell def Danielle Alvarez via dec (FOTN)

Brown Belt

Eva Rosales def Annemieke DeMaggio via dec

Victoria Antelante def Jami Nelson via dec

Mahala Turner def Samantha Villarreal via armbar

Yasmim Pinheiro def Catherine Dougan via leg lock (FOTN)

Jessica Crane def Katie Egan via armbar (SOTN)

Purple Belt

Stephanie Williamson def Alix Cornu via dec

Laurie Rocha def Paola Ambriz via dec (FOTN)

Tiffany Butler def Shannon O’Shea via inverted triangle (SOTN)

Maria Ruffatto def Sam El-Shahat via dec

Bri Robertson def Erica Barnes via RNC

Abbigayle Tetterton def Taylor Clarke via choke

Stephanie Rocha def Stephanie Lee via dec

Barbara Quiroz def Milana Villo via dec

Abby Jane Furrh def Hannah Sternblitz via dec

Blue Belts, Teen and Kids

Bryanna Orange def Sevanna Aguirre via kimura (SOTN)

Mikayla Castillo def Jollene Sunga via armbar

Makayla Reyes def Haleigh Bodin via dec (FOTN)

Katherine Doyle-Steenburgh def Tina Lewis via armbar

Skylar Idell def Evelyn Silva via armbar

Vanessa Aguirre def Mackenzie Biasi via armbar

Brooklynne Ford def Sun-Yoon Karas via split dec

Landrie Joseph def Skylar Stewart dec

Hope Russell def Cailin Fultz via dec

Katherine Lo def Sierra Fahn via dec

Tianna Ward def Jordan Smith via choke

Coco Castillo def Alexandra Segal via armbar

Helena Crevar def Alma Ortega via armbar

Isabella Reyes def Sophia Thompson via d’arce

Haley Ligon def Carolline Dias via dec

Berlyn Davis def Haley Knox via armbar

Amara Rodriguez def Fernanda Lopez via dec

Laylah Watkins def ValliAnn Deleon

Anna Farr def Michelle Terrelonge via ankle lock

Addison Arthur def Lily Rayne via dec (FOTN)


Jisele Masumoto def Lillian Zapata via pin

Evelyn Zapata def Isabella Cruz via points (OT)

Azana King def Poorna Babu via pin

Maryanne Win def Madison Carsner via pin

Siddie Hoffen def Madison Bye via pin

Haley Wilcox def Aaliyah Ivarra via pin

Erin Matera def Nikki Gallagher via points

Meadow Hernandez def Ella Zachary via pin

Mia Armstrong def Sydney Harper via pin


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