F2W 166 Results: Rafael Lovato Jr. Submits Almeida & William Tackett Submits Ribamar

Photo: Kyu Lee

Neither William Tackett nor Rafael Lovato Jr. needed the full ten minutes in their matches at Fight 2 Win 166 tonight, as Tackett once again put his leg lock prowess on display against Manuel Ribamar and Lovato reminded everyone why he’s considered a legend of the sport in his match against Gabriel Almeida.

Co-Main Event

William Tackett vs. Manuel Ribamar

The competitors started on their feet fighting for grips and control. Tacket then made a smooth, but quick transition to the ground, wrapping himself around Ribamar’s legs and getting a bite on a heel. Ribamar tried to roll out, but the referee stopped him from rolling off the stage to escape danger. Stuck in place, Ribamar tried to pull free from Tackett’s hold on his leg, but Tackett’s grip was tight, and Ribamar was forced to tap to his heel hook at a minute and fourteen seconds into their ten-minute match.

Main Event

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Gabriel Almeida

Almeida secured grips on Lovato’s lapels and tried to snap him down to the mats, but Lovato quickly returned to his feet. After some grip fighting on the feet, Almeida then leapt up for a flying armbar in an impressive submission attempt. Lovato was able to get his elbow out of danger, though, and he scooped up his opponent’s leg as Almeida created distance to return to his feet.

Lovato’s second single-leg attempt brought Almeida to his knees, but Almeida was able to get back to his feet following a reset after they tumbled too close to the edge of the stage. Lovato then pulled guard, and Almeida got past Lovato’s knee shield and brought the fight back to the feet. After some more grip fighting, Almeida went for another flying armbar, which Lovato defended. This time, as Almeida came back up, Lovato sunk in a guillotine choke, which Almeida managed to narrowly escape from. Though out of immediate danger, Almeida was still stuck in his opponent’s closed guard, and Lovato began loosening and manipulating his opponent’s lapels. Almeida countered with a slam, which didn’t loosen Lovato’s hold on him.

Almeida again stood up and slammed Lovato, who was busy planning a lapel attack on Almeida to trap his arm. With about six minutes left, Lovato opened his guard and came on top, managing to get past Almeida’s knee and transitioning to side control briefly before moving to north-south. From there, he grabbed Almeida’s arm, and in the blink of an eye, Lovato had won the match with a kimura.

Black Belts
Rafael Lovato Jr. def Gabriel Almeida Kirmua
Alexandre Ceconi def James Puopolo Dec FOTN
William Tackett def Manuel Ribamar Heel HOOK SOTN
Joshua Cisneros def Lucas Pinheiro Dec
Nick Ronan def Justin Renick dec
Gleidson Cutis def Joshua Sharpless dec FOTN

Brown Belts
Christopher Wojcik def Micah Valdez dec
Manuel Aguilar def Derek Alumbaugh dec FOTN
Zack Edwards def Christopher Wojcik Dec

Purple Belts
Jacob Chapa def Jesse Tobar Dec FOTN
James Cole def Freddy Marquez dec
KT Clatterbuck def Joshua Woosley dec
Joshua Richards def Alex Asad inside heel hook SOTN
Alfredo Benavidez def Danny Mulvihill dec

Blue Belts
Josh Taylor defeats Shawn O’Neill Heel hook
Dayton Biggs def Jeffrey Brownlow armbar SOTN
Michael Hale def Craig Wayne Tucker dec FOTN
Ashley Sanchez def Stephen Kline RNC
Michael McCray def Lawrence Smith heel hook
Mike Mendoza def Kelly Illescas


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