F2W 167 Results: Victor Hugo Taps Out Tim Spriggs, Gabriel Sousa Narrowly Defeats Queixinho

After another exciting night of jiu-jitsu, Fight 2 Win 167 has concluded with two nail-biting matches to finish off the evening. The co-main event saw a close, technical battle in the gi between Gabriel Sousa and Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho, while the main event was just a minute shy of being left up to the judges before Victor Hugo got the better of Tim Spriggs.

Co-Main Event

Gabriel Sousa vs. Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

The competitors started off trying to get grips, and after a brief guard pull from Sousa, Queixinho pulled guard himself. Sousa responded with a slam, and Queixinho got back to his feet for the two to resume grip-fighting. Queixinho maintained his focus on lapel grips, and Sousa attempted a solid foot sweep to bring the match to the ground, but Queixinho was quick to get back to his feet. Queixinho then sat guard, with Sousa answering with a footlock attempt. A technical scramble ensued as both competitors tried to gain an advantageous position, but both soon abandoned the fight for grips on the ground and returned to their feet.

After some more time wrestling for gi grips, Sousa pulled guard and immediately swept Queixinho, who tried to work himself into lasso guard. Sousa resisted, though, and the two soon ended up back on their feet. Another guard pull from Sousa led to some lasso guard play from him. Queixinho, at first, tried to pressure his way past, but then chose to try to leap over his opponent’s guard for a footlock attempt. Sousa countered with a footlock attempt of his own, but neither athlete was able to finish the match before time ran out.

Gabriel Sousa was given the win by split decision.

Main Event

Tim Spriggs vs. Victor Hugo

Spriggs started out with some tight grips while wrestling on the feet, and Hugo pulled guard. Spriggs stepped around and tried to secure a kneebar, but Hugo was already prepared to defend it and ultimately came on top, driving forward aggressively even as Spriggs tried to put space between them. Eventually, Spriggs succeeded and went for a guillotine as he got up to his feet. Hugo escaped the submission attempt before returning to playing guard, keeping good control against Spriggs’ attempts to get through and around his legs.

With about three minutes left, Hugo returned to his feet, wrestling with Spriggs briefly before returning to guard and going after Spriggs’ legs. Spriggs escaped danger at first, but soon, Hugo succeeded in wrapping himself around one of Spriggs’ legs. The athletes both went belly-down for leg locks, with Hugo ultimately getting the better grip and getting the tap with 1:04 left in the match.

Victor Hugo was declared the winner by submission.

FULL RESULTS to come shortly


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