F2W 169 Results: Kennedy Maciel Submits Joshua Cisneros In Last-Second Comeback

The main event of F2W 169 was everything you’d hope a title match would be, as Kennedy Maciel and Joshua Cisneros faced off in what was, at first, a dominant match for Cisneros. Prior to the electrifying final match, Oliver Taza and Gabriel Almeida went head to head in the co-main event of the evening.

Co-Main Event

Oliver Taza vs. Gabriel Almeida

Taza immediately pulled guard and attacked a leg, and Almeida responded by rolling to escape and then getting to his feet. Taza returned to playing guard, and Almeida worked on passing attempts while keeping his feet away from Taza’s reach. Taza then met Almeida on the feet and received an accidental eye poke. The match resumed shortly thereafter, and Taza sat guard to attack a leg again. Almeida shut down the attempt, and Taza returned to his feet. Almeida tried to jump over Taza’s guard the next time Taza sat down. Both competitors brought the match back up to the feet again and wrestled while standing for a time, Almeida nearly driving the match off the stage. Taza pulled guard again and returned to his feet when he realized he wouldn’t be able to get a good leg entry. With under a minute to go, Almeida shot for a takedown, and Taza stepped away from danger. Neither athlete was able to make any other significant moves before time ran out, and the result went to the referees.

Gabriel Almeida was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Main Event

Kennedy Maciel vs. Joshua Cisneros

Maciel sat guard, trying to pull Cisneros’ leg through as his opponent tried to pass. Cisneros rolled out of danger, and after a brief scramble, Maciel returned to trying to pull his opponent’s leg through for control. Cisneros stayed low for his passing attempts and moved up Maciel’s body for a solid arm attack, transitioning from a kimura attempt to an armbar attempt and then a tight kimura again. Maciel was able to roll out of trouble, but Cisneros quickly transitioned to a triangle.

After spending some time on the bottom with Maciel defending, Cisneros was able to come on top for the mounted triangle. The position was reversed again, and with about three minutes remaining, Cisneros transitioned to an omoplata. Maciel stood up and was able to pull his arm out after about a minute, ending up on top and trying to pass Cisneros’ guard. In the final thirty seconds of the match, Maciel scrambled to Cisneros’ back and worked in a rear naked choke. With ten seconds to go, Cisneros tapped out, and Maciel snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat.

Maciel was declared the winner by submission and retained the F2W Lightweight No-Gi title.

Full Results:

Black Belts

  • Kennedy Maciel def. Josh Cineros via submission (rear naked choke) (FOTN)
  • Gabriel Almeida def. Oliver Taza via decision
  • Pedro Rocha def. Tony Tipton via submission (guillotine) (SOTN)
  • Marcus Antelnate def. Alex Martins via decision
  • Rodrigo Lopes def. Solomon Choran via submission (ankle lock)
  • Laurah Hallock def. Sheliah Lindsey via decision

Purple Belts

  • Jay Arnald def. Andres Alcantar via decision

Blue Belts

  • Jose Ruiz def. Eric Salvador Martinez via split decision (FOTN)
  • Christian Vukaj def. Mitchell Cupp via split decision
  • Mario AƱez def. Nathan Hernandez via submission (heel hook) (SOTN)
  • Abraham La Montagne def. Julio Echeverria via submission (rear naked choke)
  • Eliazar Guardiola def. Eric Gibbons via submission (triangle)
  • James Gonzales def. Robert Chambers via decision
  • Colby Hernandez def. Nelson Briones Jr. via submission (triangle)

Kids and Teens

  • Brooks Hernandez def. Trevor Carter via split decision
  • Micheal Francis def. Tyler Cox via submission (triangle)
  • Laylah Watkins def. Sarah De La Pena via submission (armbar)
  • Adam Merchant def. Angel Patino via split decision
  • Refugio Salgado def. Brady Ramey via split decision (FOTN)
  • Jett Thompson def. Niko Villalon via submission (triangle)
  • Diego Viquez def. Jaden Becker via decision
  • Lucy Rose def. Honor Villarreal via submission (armbar) (SOTN)
  • Hannah Watkins def. Lily Rayne via split decision


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