F2W 172 Results: Yuri Simoes Defeats Devhonte Johnson, Oliver Taza Gets Split-Decision Win

F2W 172 finished off a long night of jiu-jitsu matches in Dallas with both a co-main and main event that challenged some of the best competitors in the business.

First, Oliver Taza gave his best leg lock effort against the formidable Jaime Canuto in the no-gi co-main event of the evening. Then, Yuri Simoes and Devhonte Johnson locked horns in another no-gi match in the main event.

Co-Main Event

Oliver Taza vs. Jaime Canuto

Taza sat guard and soon returned to his feet after Canuto defended against a leg attack. Taza was persistent in his desire to get to guard and attack his opponent’s legs, though Canuto was similarly determined to stay out of danger and bring the match back to the feet so he could bring Taza to the ground on his own terms. Another leg attack was looking promising for Taza at first, even potentially opening up a back take, but a scramble resulted in Canuto gaining side control. Though he held the position for about a minute, Taza was able to create space and force his opponent to disengage in order to stay out of danger.

The match returned to the feet with about two and a half minutes to go. Taza succeeded in picking up a single-leg, getting to Canuto’s back before Canuto managed to get out of his opponent’s control. In the final seconds of the match, Taza pulled guard one last time and latched onto a heel hook. Canuto escaped, but the attempt was enough to seal the win for two of the judges.

Oliver Taza was declared the winner via split decision.

Main Event

Devhonte Johnson vs. Yuri Simoes

The competitors began the match wrestling on the feet, locking up to try to gain the dominant head position. They spent most of the match fighting this battle, but the tide finally turned when Simoes used his underhooks to drive forward and get to Johnson’s back. Johnson was forced not only to defend against Simoes’ attack, but also to stop himself from tumbling off the stage, and the competitors were reset with Simoes in the bodylock. Simoes jumped up to take Johnson’s back and get both hooks in, but Johnson was quickly able to get Simoes off balance and remove him from his back. Once again in a neutral position, Johnson shot for a takedown, which Simoes avoided.

With under a minute left, Johnson pulled guard, and Simoes quickly dropped his weight into a sprawl. In the final seconds of the match, Simoes secured the body lock pass and delivered a few apparent shoulder strikes into Johnson’s ribs before the match’s end.

Yuri Simoes was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Full results to come shortly


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