F2W 173 Results: Paulo Miyao Defeats Lucas Pinheiro, Kendall Reusing Submits Talita Nogueira

Fight 2 Win was back in Dallas this week for F2W 173 with a night full of matches between competitors of a wide range of ages and ranks.

The co-main event of the evening treated spectators to a no-gi middleweight match between Kendall Reusing and Talita Nogueira, while the main event saw a technical, fast-paced gi match between Paulo Miyao and Lucas Pinheiro.

Co-Main Event

Kendall Reusing vs. Talita Nogueira

Nogueira immediately pulled guard, and after a bit of effort, Reusing stayed low and got the pass to side control. Nogueira trapped Reusing in quarter-guard, with Reusing on top and searching for either mount or back control. Just under the seven-minute mark, Reusing sunk in a head-arm choke with Nogueira forced onto her side. Though Nogueira seemed to be in a good position to defend against the choke, Reusing forced her opponent’s head forward with her hand, and it was enough to get the tap.

Kendall Reusing was declared the winner by submission and claimed the F2W middleweight no-gi title.

Main Event

Paulo Miyao vs. Lucas Pinheiro

Miyao sat guard and quickly latched on to both of Pinheiro’s sleeves, working in his lasso guard. A berimbolo from Miyao resulted in Pinheiro working to attack his opponent’s ankle, though he wasn’t able to latch on securely enough to put Miyao in danger. The competitors were reset after getting too close to the edge, and Miyao came up on top. Pinheiro quickly reattached himself to his opponent’s anke after Miyao pushed him away, and Miyao inverted to get himself free again. A scramble put the competitors too close to the edge again, and they were reset.

Upon returning to the center, Miyao resumed playing guard. Pinheiro’s efforts to pass weren’t effective, and Miyao inverted and tried to take the back. The competitors ended up in a leg entanglement, and Miyao latched onto a toehold. Pinheiro put on a toehold of his own while also rolling toward the edge. The athletes were reset in a neutral position, and Miyao again sat guard. As the matched closed in on the final thirty seconds, Pinheiro tried once more for an ankle lock that didn’t seem to affect Miyao, and the athletes finished the match both belly down and trying to submit each other with straight ankle locks.

Paulo Miyao was declared the winner by split decision.



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