F2W 181 Results: Gabriel Sousa Defeats Lucas Pinheiro, Marcos Torregrosa Takes Home Title

Sacramento, California got a real treat tonight when F2W 181 put dozens of exciting jiu-jitsu matches on display for the crowd, finishing things off with a masters welterweight title match between Marcos Torregrosa and Angel Lopez before a main event that saw Gabriel Sousa face off against Lucas Pinheiro.

Co-Main Event

Marcos Torregrosa vs. Angel Lopez

Torregrosa went for an ankle, and Lopez responded by pulling guard, working in a lasso on his opponent. Torregrosa pressured down and worked past Lopez’s guard to top side control, transitioning then to knee-on-belly and then swiftly to mount. Under five minutes to go, and Torregrosa worked in a cross-collar choke, Lopez persistently defending. As Torregrosa grabbed a lapel and tried to trap Lopez’s arm, Lopez worked his limb free and bridged to try to escape, ultimately ending up beneath his opponent in bottom mount again. Torregrosa kept the lapel grip and passed it around, stepping over Lopez’s head to finish the choke and get the tap with just under three and a half minutes to go.

Marcos Torregrosa was declared the winner and took home the masters welterweight gi title.

Main Event

Gabriel Sousa vs. Lucas Pinheiro

Sousa pulled guard and tried to sweep Pinheiro, working his pudin guard as Pinheiro tried to pass. Sousa then came up to his feet to reverse the position before a tiny slam from Sousa opened up the opportunity for Pinheiro to come back on top just briefly. Sousa managed a sweep and came back on top with Pinheiro holding onto his leg in 50/50. Pinheiro’s legs opened, and a scramble saw the competitors return to their feet. Pinheiro charged forward for a takedown, and the referee caught the athletes before they tumbled off the stage. Sousa pulled guard, but didn’t stay there long — the competitors returned to their feet and wrestled for control before Sousa pulled guard again, framing to keep Pinheiro’s passing attempts at bay.

Two minutes to go, and Pinheiro and Sousa returned to their feet. Sousa quickly pulled guard again, though, and slipped under Pinheiro to attack a leg. Pinheiro worked to get on top to bend his knee, ultimately rolling through and escaping. Sousa got to his feet and sprawled on top of Pinheiro, transitioning to a straight ankle lock attempt with about thirty seconds left on the clock and ultimately being forced to move on. Pinheiro shot for a takedown, and Sousa defended. Ten seconds to go, and Pinheiro pulled closed guard. At the very last second, Sousa pulled his opponent up and slammed him to the ground to punctuate the match.

Gabriel Sousa was declared the winner by unanimous decision.




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