Felipe Pena Taunts Gordon Ryan On Facebook

Photo by: Bianca Marisa Garcia

When you hear the words “Gordon Ryan,” “trash-talk,” and “no-gi match,” there’s usually no question as to who instigated the trash-talk, and who won the match.

But this time, if you guessed Gordon Ryan for either of those, you were wrong, for the most part. Gracie Barra Northridge black belt Felipe Pena not only defeated Gordon Ryan in a no-gi match at Studio 540 on Sunday, but is now taunting the infamous Danaher Death Squad trash-talker into a submission-only gi match – a match Ryan did not accept.

•••Gordon did not accept the chalenge•••From Gordon Ryan's Professor Danaher in an interview with bjee.com this year…

Posted by Felipe Carsalade Pena on Monday, December 19, 2016

So, why didn’t Gordon Ryan accept a match against the man who beat him on Sunday?


He’s just focused on becoming that best no-gi grappler he can be.

However, Gordon Ryan assured Felipe Pena that when he is ready to compete in the gi, he will accept a match under any rule set Pena chooses.

Not sure if he is assuming we are betting or if a sponsor will put the money up. Either way when I plan to start…

Posted by Gordon Ryan on Monday, December 19, 2016

And that will certainly be a match worth watching.






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