Fellipe Andrew Defeats Gustavo Batista To Win Male Open Weight Division At Pans

After making their way up the bracket and past the semifinals yesterday, Fellipe Andrew faced off against Gustavo Batista in the male open weight finals today at the IBJJF Pan Championship.

Batista and Andrew were already going home with some hardware — Andrew had earned bronze in the adult super-heavyweight division, while Batista had won the adult heavyweight division.

Batista began the action by pulling guard, transitioning to single-leg X as Andrew tried to pass. Andrew stayed low and persisted in breaking his opponent’s grips, but neither competitor was able to capitalize on the position. With just over four minutes and thirty seconds left in the match, Andrew broke away from Batista, and the athletes returned to their feet briefly before Batista pulled guard again. Batista tried to sweep Andrew, but Andrew used his pressure to keep himself on top.

With about two minutes to go, Andrew got past Batista’s legs and kept him pinned to the mat, earning himself a total of three advantages as Batista turtled up and tried to secure a grip that would allow him to gain a more favorable position. Still, despite Batista’s inversions and grips, he was unable to do anything to Andrew, and Andrew claimed gold in the open weight division.


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