Female MMA Fighter Attacked After Trying To Stop Robber From Fleeing

Professional MMA fighter Mandy Polk witnessed a thief attacking a woman and quickly got involved. Polk then held off the robbery suspect by holding him at the waist, though she wasn’t sure whether to simply hold down the suspect or actually take him out

Mandy Polk told wmcactionnews5: “If I wasn’t trained, it would have been awful. It could have been very very bad for me if I didn’t know how to move and work myself out of the way”

Some bystanders saw the scuffle and attempted to get help, but the robbery suspect punched Polk and then got away. She said she was able to recover his cellular phone after he ran, which might help police find the suspect. Though no arrests have been made, Polk feels this is an excellent example of how self-defense training gives people the tools to control a dangerous situation. She currently holds a purple belt in BJJ and hopes to continue moving forward with the art.

Mandy Polk MMA Fight


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