Fight 2 Win 153 Results: Sam Nagai Defeats Gianni Grippo In Main Event

F2W 153 brought us another night of incredible jiu-jitsu action from Dallas, TX, with a main card that featured multiple fast-paced, technical matches to showcase some of the best BJJ in the country.

The co-main event of the evening saw Junny Ocasio and Marcelo Cohen face off in a no-gi match for the middleweight title.

Both competitors immediately pulled guard, with Ocasio coming up before sitting guard again as Cohen came up momentarily before entering into a leg entanglement with his opponent. Ocasio grabbed for a leg before changing tactics and sliding past Cohen’s guard. Ocasio again sat back, this time managing to secure a heel hook grip. Cohen tried to roll out of it, but Ocasio had a tight grip and quickly got the tap. Ocasio got the win and retained his middleweight title for F2W.

In the main event of the evening, Gianni Grippo took on up-and-comer Sam Nagai in the gi.

Grippo immediately pulled guard, going for a pant leg as Nagai secured a straight ankle lock grip. Grippo briefly tried to come up, and Nagai sat back again for the ankle lock. Grippo managed to get his foot free, but Nagai was able to keep a hold of his opponent’s pant leg. Grippo got to his feet and worked to pass the guard. Nagai briefly stood up, then went right back to playing guard on his terms as Grippo tried to pass. Nagai managed a sweep, but seemed to prefer to work from the bottom, and he returned to playing guard. With about three minutes left in the match, Grippo sat back for an ankle lock of his own, switching to a toehold as Nagai got his foot free. Grippo came back on top, then soon went belly-down for an ankle lock as his opponent did as well. Nagai went for another straight ankle lock as the clock wound down, and Grippo wasn’t able to counter with anything significant.

The judges awarded Sam Nagai the unanimous decision

Black BeltsSubmission/Decision
Samuel Nagai defeats Gianni GrippoDecision
Junny E Ocasio Submits Marcelo CohenHeel Hook (SOTN) Still 135lbs NOGI Champion
Talita Alencar defeats Heather RafteryStill 125lbs NOGI Champion
Tubby Alequin Submits Pati FontesHead & Arm Choke (SOTN)
Travis Clark defeats Chris RobersonSplit Decision – New MASTERS 220+ Gi Champ
Gilson Nunes Submits Jason BrightTriangle
Alan Shebaro defeats Kenny CrossSplit Decision
Jackson Matos defeats Chris OrzocoDecision
Eric Alequin defeats Camron CouchDecision
Snow Samuel defeats Greg GrigarDecision
Dinko Bektic defeats Ivan BozovicSplit Decision
Sean Joseph defeats Henrique RossiSplit Decision
Nikki Sullivan defeats Chelsah LyonsSplit Decision (FOTN)
Jorge Perez Submits Chuck AdamChoke
Edmaicon Moraes defeats Rodrigo OliveiraDecision
Christian Duran defeats Angel LopezDecision
Vinicius Carvalho Garcia defeats Kyle RaemischChoke
Gabrielle Mc Comb defeats Sheliah LindseyDecision
Judo Match
Ralph Lahoud defeats Joe Cheavens1 Ippon to Zero
Brown Belts
Nicholas Willey defeats Tony OviedoDecision – Becomes 170lbs NOGI Champ
Colton Roelofs defeats Kevin MccormickDecision (FOTN)
Colon Santana def Luca RamaciDarce (SOTN)
Ulyses Aguila Submits Jairo BautistaHeel Hook
Purple Belts
Ramiro Leon Submits Troy MercerArmbar – New 205lbs Gi Champ (SOTN)
Emily Fernandez def ERICA BARNES decBecomes 135lbs Gi Champ
Abdul-Kareem Mubarak defeats Noah VillemaretteDecision
Alfonso Kaihau defeats Jay ArnoldDecision
Shannon OShea defeats Minah TurnerDecision (FOTN)
Brandon Bennett defeats Eliazar GuardiolaDecision
Jason Rivera defeats Dyan MartinezSplit Decision
Blue Belts
Noah Guiterrez defeats Victor AguirreDecision
Dory Auon defeats Devon BrownChoke (SOTN)
Mike Woelfle defeats Jimmy hernandez dec Decision (FOTN)
Tees And Kids
Ames Hoevker defeats Jett ThompsonNew Teen 115lbs Gi Champ (FOTN)
Carolina Viera defeats Skylar IdellDecision – New Teen 135lbs Gi Champ
Coco Blackwell defeats Coco CastilloArmbar – Retains Kids Gi Title
Michael Brennan defeats Moses CabreraNew Kids GI Champion
Anthony Olivas defeats Legacy CouteeDecision (FOTN)
Jonathan Mezheritskiy defeats Michael FrancisSplit Decision
Legend Coutee defeats Jordan RiddleDecision
Tyler Ard defeats Evan WiseTriangle Armbar
Laylah Watkins Submits Katherine LoChoke (SOTN)


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