Ben Henderson Defeats AJ Agazarm Gi Match at Fight to Win Pro 37

Benson Henderson Fight to Win Pro 37

It was champion pitted against champion as Ben Henderson and AJ Agazarm took center stage at Fight to Win Pro 37 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The contestants looked evenly matched entering the fight, with Henderson’s credentials—including a UFC title— and Agazarm’s a no-gi world championship. Agazarm made the first move and kicked off the match with a flying triangle. Henderson resisted but fell victim to a lasso guard. In a stunning sequence, both fighters tumbled offstage amid roaring fans and general frenzy and Henderson’s attempted guillotine sent a referee flying from the platform.

Back on the mat, Henderson stunted Agazarm’s enfilade of takedowns and ankle picks and went on the offensive himself, executing a number of sprawls and successful pins to earn the unanimous victory by judges’ decision over AJ Agazarm.


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