Fight To Win Pro Raises More Than $10,000 In Nine Days For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Photo Source: Mike Calimbas

Raising $10,000 is a lofty fundraising goal, but Fight to Win Pro owner Seth Daniels knew that if anyone could make it happen, it would be the jiu-jitsu community. Just over a week ago, he announced that all profits from F2W 46 in San Antonio, the Texas Open, and F2W 47 in Houston would be donated to people in the BJJ community who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. He also created a fundraiser so that people who weren’t able to attend the events would be able to donate to the cause.

Thanks to all the generous people who gave both small and large contributions to the cause, the Submit Harvey fundraiser has already reached its goal of $10,000 in just nine days, and all of it will be going towards instructors, students, and academies in need.

┬áDaniels is leaving the fundraiser open, so anyone who hasn’t donated still has the opportunity to check out the donation page and give what they’re able to. Any amount helps, and again, it all goes towards a great cause.


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