Florida Man Arrested For DUI Allegedly Tried To Bribe Cops With Free MMA Lessons

Image Source: Brevard County Sheriff's Office via Fox 35 Orlando

A man in Brevard County, Florida, was arrested for DUI and Bribery Of or By a Public Servant after offering a police officer a month of free MMA classes if he let him go.

According to a story from Fox 35 Orlando, 34-year-old Calen Holcomb was approached by police after they observed him nearly hitting a building while backing into a parking spot in his pickup truck. The deputies reportedly observed Holcomb as having bloodshot eyes and smelling of alcohol. He was said to have refused the sobriety tests and was then placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

During his interaction with the police, Holcomb reportedly asserted that he is a professional MMA fighter (indeed, Tapology lists him as having an 0-2 professional MMA record) and repeatedly offered them a month’s worth of free training if they let him go. He is also said to have offered to physically harm other suspects as “payment” in exchange for his freedom.

The officers did not take Holcomb up on any of his offers.


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