Former Bellator Heavyweight Brett “Da Grim” Rogers Charged With Sexually Assaulting Three Men

Former Strikeforce and Bellator heavyweight Brett “Da Grim” Rogers has been charged with sexually assaulting three men.

According to Minneapolis’ Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Rogerswho is reportedly homeless, groped three different men on three different occasions.

The first incident took place at a local library when “Da Grim” groped a man in an elevator.

The second took place in a men’s bathroom when Rogers asked a man, urinating beside him, if he wanted to have sex. The man said no, but that didn’t didn’t stop the former Bellator fighter from grabbing the man’s butt.

The third incident took place in the Ramsay County Jail. Rogers had just been booked on the earlier two charges of sexual assault. He was in jail with another man, and when the man awoke, Rogers was fondling him. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the man was afraid to call the guards for help because Brett Rogers was the biggest man in the cell.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not the only ones on Rogers’ record. In 2011, he lost his contract with Strikeforce after assaulting his wife. Court documents also showed that “Da Grim” had been causing “many problems” in the downtown area before his most recent arrest.

Brett “Da Grim” Rogers’ last fight was with Conflict MMA in 2015. He won the fight in the first round via TKO. He currently holds at 20-10(10) record in MMA.


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