Former Heavyweight Champ Frank Mir Testifies On Behalf Of Officer Charged In Chokehold Homicide

In May 2017, Las Vegas officer Kenneth Lopera used a chokehold to subdue Tashii Brown. The case of involuntary manslaughter is now being heard by a grand jury, and one witness called to testify on behalf of Lopera is Midnight Mania! Frank Mir.

While Mir’s exact testimony is not being released, sources say he favored with the officer after watching the body cam footage. Detective Steve Grammas with the Las Vegas Police Protective Association said of Mir’s reaction, “When he did that one of his first reactions to me was, Steve there is no way this guy killed the suspect involved. There’s no way.”

While the coroner ruled asphyxia as the cause of death, the defense argues that an enlarged heart and methamphetamine intoxication are more to blame. Given Mir’s extensive background as a BJJ blackbelt, and MMA champ, he’s familiar with the chokehold and the damage it can do.

Will Mir’s testimony turn the tide’s in Lopera’s favor?


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