Former Purple Belt Standout (And New Brown Belt) Roberto Jimenez Reveals The Advice That Shaped His Submission Style

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Roberto Jimenez has finally earned his brown belt, but before that, he entered and won both his weight class and the open weight category as a purple belt at 2018 Worlds in Long Beach, California.

🙏🏼 Blessed, Thankful, Happy. Today I had the honor of getting my brown belt from the hands of @masterjacare and @gachiux in front of everyone during the Alliance seminar and I was speechless and awkwardly nervous jajaja || I want to say thank you to everyone who gives me positive energy and believes in my work ❤️ 🙏🏼 || • • Agradecido, bendecido, feliz 🙏🏼 || Hoy día tuve el honor de recibir mi cinta marrón de las manos de @masterjacare y @gachiux al frente de todos en el seminario de Alliance y estaba sin palabras || Quiero decirle gracias a todos los que son parte de mi camino, a todos los que me dan buena energía, y todos los que creen en mi trabajo 🙏🏼 ||

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What is most remarkable about the victories is that all wins were by submission. That’s ten submissions out of ten matches in both categories against the best purple belts in the world.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times asked Jimenez about his killer submission skills and for a few tips that might help you in your own submission game:

Jiu-Jitsu Times: Roberto, first of all, can you tell us where you are training these days and who your primary coaches are?

Roberto Jimenez: My professor is my father Raul “Gacho” Jimenez, My mentor is Lucas Lepri, and my main training partners at home (Las Vegas) are my teammates at alliance Las Vegas and my friends Renato, Raquel, Mikey, Tammi, Rene, Freeman, and everyone at Dunham’s.

JJT: One of the complaints about BJJ competition is the amount of stalling and narrow wins by advantages or points.
Yet you managed to submit ALL of your opponents. How did you manage to win by submission when so many other matches do not end in submission?

Jimenez: I am very aware of the stalling problem that is happening in the sport. I believe that the goal in jiu-jitsu is to submit and be dominant at all times if possible
my mentality towards tournaments has always been the same, always find the finish so naturally going into worlds I felt nothing different just that I had a lot more mental strength.

JJT: How did the submissions break down? (Ex. How many triangles, collar choke from back, etc.)

Jimenez: I had two flying armbars, one loop choke, one Ezekiel choke, one omoplata, and the rest were cross chokes from the back.

JJT: What is your number-one successful submission? Is there a setup or specific combination that you use with that sub? Is it a major part of your game plan before the tournament?

Jimenez: I don’t really have a game plan I try to be ready for whatever comes at me. My favorite submission is the bow and arrow choke and I usually do different setups depending on what position I’m in

JJT: What is the best advice one of your instructors gave you that shaped your submission style?

Jimenez: To be patient and calm not only in jiujitsu but in life too. Everything comes at its own time. My father (professor) has always taught me to think of jiujitsu in a realistic way, as though I’d have to use it in a real-life situation, so that being said, if someone tries to fight you or rob you, you’re not going to get two points for a sweep and then knee on belly. Of course not you’re going to find the quickest way to sleep that person or to break an arm or leg. And that’s my mentality for competing.

JJT:  Any shout-outs to sponsors, coaches, or training partners?

Jimenez: I wanna say thank you to my family for always supporting me and believing in what I can become. Thank you to all my friends/training partners who always push me and are by my side in any situation in life. Thanks to my father for showing me the way to this beautiful life and to our mentor Lucas lepri and physical trainer/ role model Kevin Paretti.
And thank you to all my sponsor for the support and for helping achieve my goals/dreams: Moyabrand• Moskva• Archetype• Armbarsoap• KP• Tobe.


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