Former Sumo Wrestler Sets Rizin Record After Knocking Out Opponent In Under 10 Seconds

An MMA fight between Tsuyoshi Sudario and Kazushi Miyamoto was over almost as quickly as it began at Rizin FF 27 last weekend.

Sudario, who has a background as an accomplished sumo wrestler, earned the third win of his professional MMA career when he defeated his opponent, who was making his professional MMA debut. And in doing so, he set a promotional record for the fastest knockout.

Miyamoto kicked things off by charging forward at Sudario, and Sudario stopped his pursuit with a right hand that sent his opponent sprawling backward. Miyamoto hurried to his feet, but Sudario caught him in the face on his way up, knocking him out and prompting the referee to step in to end the fight.

Though the ref stopped the fight after eight seconds had passed on the clock, Rizin’s social media accounts are calling the fight a six-second KO.

You can watch the entire fight in all of its brevity below:


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