Former UFC Champion & Brazilian Top Team Founder Murilo Bustamante Has Earned His BJJ Coral Belt

Image Source: Tatame

Murilo Bustamante has been training jiu-jitsu for a long time, and now, he has the certificate to show it.

According to Tatame, Bustamante has earned his coral (or red and black) belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which corresponds with the seventh stripe on his black belt. Bustamante has been training for 42 years and has now spent over 30 years as a black belt, which means that he was eligible to receive his coral belt.

Bustamante’s was presented with his new rank via a certificate from the IBJJF. Per Tatame, he will receive his new belt in August in a special ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Bustamante, an ADCC veteran who helped found Brazilian Top Team and won Worlds in 1999, became the UFC middleweight champion at UFC 35 after defeating Dave Menne. He defended his title once before deciding to fight for PRIDE instead.


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