Former UFC Fighter Abel Trujillo Sentenced To Probation In Child Exploitation Case

Photo/Facebook: Abel "Killa" Trujillo

Former UFC fighter Abel Trujillo was sentenced to two years of probation on Monday in connection with a child exploitation case, according to 9 News.

Trujillo was arrested last year and charged with felony exploitation of a child and felony obscenity after exchanging “inappropriate” messages with a sixteen-year-old girl. In March, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of promoting obscenity, and the felony charges were dismissed.

Trujillo first contacted the girl in March 2018 on Instagram. She carried on a conversation with him via the Instagram messenger, telling police that she did so because of Trujillo’s “celebrity” status. Soon, though, the victim became uncomfortable with the sexual direction the conversation took; Trujillo sent her nude photos as well.

After deleting the messages between her and Trujillo and blocking him on all her accounts, the girl and Trujillo went several months without contact. In October 2018, however, he was able to send her another message.

Police located Trujillo, obtaining a search warrant for his phone in February 2019, where they found “dozens of photos of nude young women,” though their exact ages couldn’t be determined at the time. Trujillo later told police that he had had “multiple conversations” with girls under the age of 18 and admitted to sending nude photos. He was arrested and charged in July later that year.


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