Frank Shamrock Hung Upside Down By Knees As Child, Saved By Martial Arts

Photo/Instagram: @frankshamrock

On The MMA Hour today, former UFC fighter Frank Shamrock revealed his experiences with childhood abuse.

Frank talked about dealing with mental illness as a child and being locked in the closet by his mother.

“My aunt found me hanging upside down by the back of my knees when I was two years old in the closet,” Shamrock told host Ariel Helwani. “…and then my first memory was when I was seven or eight that I’d get locked in the closet. My mom … (inaudible)…as a disciplinary tool would lock me in the closet. And that’s what her mom did to her, so she was doing what she thought was the right thing to do but, you know, when you’re a super athletic, super energetic, you know, really, you know, active child…um…I guess that was her solution, but it was horrific for my mental state.”

Despite his traumatic experiences as a child, Frank revealed that martial arts saved him.

You know, it [memories of abuse] doesn’t affect me anymore today, but I’m affected by depression, and I’m affected by social issues…I was that kid. Before martial arts, I was messed up…so if it weren’t for martial arts, I’d probably still be in prison and doing all that stuff.

Shamrock will be returning to the MMA ring at Rizin on October 15. He won’t be fighting in an MMA fight, though. Instead, he will be taking on another MMA great, Kazushi Sakuraba, in a 10-minute, no-heelhooks-allowed grappling match. If no one taps during regulation, the match will end in a draw.

You can watch Helwani’s interview with Frank Shamrock below:


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