The Next Generation Of BJJ Elite: Five Grappling Royal Invitational Full Results

Photo By: Kenny Jewel

Five Grappling hosted its third Royal Invitational to showcase the next generation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu elite athletes. We’ve got a breakdown of all the results!

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Light Weight

Quarter Finals
Diego Oliveira defeats Josh Cisneros by points
Daniel Sathier defeats JD Speck by armbar
Mathias Luna defeats JayJay Wilson by points
Julio Arantes defeats Cole Franson by points

Diego Oliveira defeats Daniel Sathier by rear naked choke
Mathias Luna defeats Julio Arantes by triangle choke

Mathias Luna defeats Diego Oliveira by referee decision

Middle Weight

Quarter Finals
Connor Deangelis defeats Lucas Gualbert by points
Jackson Nagai defeats Roy Dagan by armbar
Ronaldo Junior defeats Igor Tanabe by overtime DQ
Andre Gois defeats Phillip Fitzpatrick by points

Connor Deangelis defeats Jackson Nagai by points
Ronaldo Junior defeats Andre Gois by sudden death overtime

Ronaldo Junior defeats Connor Deangelis by points

Heavy Weight

Quarter Finals
Dom Bell defeats Guilherme Bacha by points
Pedro Elias defeats Dante Cano by points
Caio Perondi defeats Waldyr Fiho by points
Cemil Karahan defeats Roberto Jimenez by toe hold

Pedro Elias defeats Dom Bell by points
Cemil Karahan defeats Caio Perondi by sudden death overtime

Pedro Elias defeats Cemil Karahan by points

Female Absolute

Quarter Finals
Meagan Curran defeats Martina Gramenius by points
Vedha Toscano defeats Alex Enrique by toe hold
Kaori Hernandez defeats Kylie Baker by referee decision
Nicole Evangelista defeats Julia Balmante by toe hold

Meagan Curran defeats Vedha Toscano by armbar
Nicole Evangelista defeats Kaori Hernandez by armbar

Nicole Evangelista defeats Meagan Curran by crucifix


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