UFC 227 RESULTS: T.J. Dillashaw Demolishes Cody Garbrandt In The First To Retain Title

TJ Dillashaw is still the UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Dillashaw took on hated rival Cody Garbrant in the main event of UFC 227.

TJ wanted to touch gloves, but Cody wasn’t having it. Garbrandt took the center of the cage and landed a kick. TJ kept his hands low and grinned at his opponent.

Dillashaw threw a punch and kick combo. He then threw a one-two, but Cody got out of the way.

TJ landed a body kick and Cody went for a spinning back fist, but missed entirely.

Cody caught a kick from the champion and landed some punches, but TJ countered with a punch of his own and dropped Cody. From there, he held his opponent’s back and punched him repeatedly.

A mouse formed under Dillashaw’s eye, but Cody wobbled on his feet from the punches.

TJ wasn’t about to let Cody recover, though. He landed a punch that put Garbrandt back down, then swarmed at him with punches.

Cody worked his way back up to his feet, but Dillashaw landed knees and a flurry of punches, leaving referee Herb Dean no choice but to stop the fight and declare TJ Dillashaw as the champion.


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