Garry Tonon Calls Out Felipe Pena, Accuses Him Of Being ‘Sh*t, Grimy, F*ck’ During Match With Gordon Ryan

Photo By: Kitt Canaria

Gordon Ryan may have turned down a second match against Felipe Pena after losing on Sunday at Studio 540.

But Ryan’s Danaher Death Squad teammate, Garry Tonon, would love nothing more than to avenge his fallen comrade and take on Pena himself.


Tonon claims Felipe did things to Ryan during the match that “aren’t even legal in MMA.”

According to Garry in a recent Facebook post:

Gordo [Gordon Ryan] had a great match, lost, and Felipe Carsalade Pena was better that day. But I will never forget what a peice of shit grimy fuck Felipe was during that match. Palm strikes, up kicks, and let’s not forget, He did things in that match that aren’t even legal in MMA, headbutts, eye pokes, he even waited till he poked Gordo in the eye while he was fixing his contact to try and pass his guard. What a cunt move. I’d love a match against Felipe just for the opportunity to poke out both his eyes.

Some people are critical of this post. They say, well you had him right there why didn’t you fight him then, don’t hide behind a keyboard. Hey nitwits I’m not hiding behind a keyboard I’m asking for a match. I had no desire for a 2 second fight with pena that would’ve been broken up by his teammates. People who start fights with the sole intention of people holding them back are idiots. I wish to defeat him at his own game, bjj, in uninterrupted, honorable combat.

Felipe Pena (standing) faced Gordon Ryan on Sunday at Studio 540. Photo by Kitt Canaria

Garry also made it loud and clear that his accusations against Pena were dead serious. Responding to a comment from Felipe’s teammate, Edwin Najmi, Tonon said:

I’m 100â„… serious watch the match, he pulled some serious jerk off shit not just once, multiple times

Garry continued:

Edwin Najmi I know hes your teammate but there is really no denying anything I said. In fact I’d bet even Pena would admit to it 

You can read Garry’s entire post and his responses to the comments by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

And if you have a FloGrappling subscription, you watch a replay of the match here and judge for yourself.

Is Garry Tonon right? Did Felipe Pena use some illegal moves in his match against Gordon Ryan?

Or is Garry just trying to pick a fight?

UPDATE: Garry Tonon removed the post.

Word from on high says delete the post sorry for ruining the fun guys :*

Posted by Garry Lee Tonon on Wednesday, December 21, 2016



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