Garry Tonon Gets Knocked Out At ONE Championship Featherweight Title Fight

Jiu-jitsu superstar Garry Tonon came up short in his bout against Thanh Le, the fight ending with a KO in Le’s corner.

The match ended just 1-minute in, with Tonon deep inside of a leg entanglement, switching from inside Ashi to outside Ashi, as he repeatedly received strikes to the face from Le. One of the strikes was powerful enough to render Tonon unconscious and grant Le the victory.

Just moments before, Tonon was very close to getting the tap on an inside heel hook, but Le, who trains with legendary leg locker Ryan Hall, was able to defend and escape. However, Tonon was relentless on his leg attacks, clearly seeing this as the path to victory. Ultimately, Le’s striking was the deciding factor. Tonon’s record is now 6-1 and Le’s improves to 12-2, retaining his championship title.


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